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The demo (built on SQLite 3.3.6) comes with plenty of examples and sample applications.SQLite for Excel is a lightweight wrapper to give access to the SQLite3 library from VBA.

Support for static linking (no dll needed), utf-8, utf-16 and unidirectonal dataset.

qrf SQL2 Database Engine - an abstracted and modified version of SQLite optimized to run on Windows CE devices (Handhelds, Pocket PC's, Smartphones). Runs also on Win32, Cygwin and Linux operating systems.

Provider a high-level (ADO style) API to quickly create robust applications.

Works with multiple languages like C/C , Obj-C / i Phone, QT, Win32/. an easy to use SQLite wrapper, which supports a wide range of SQLite functions and is available for Linux and Windows. Depends on BOOST; if UNICODE is used it probably won't work on anything but Windows.

Additional features: transactions, exception handling, utf8 and utf16 support, good documentation, etc. Open Source zlib Licensed Sql Wrapper XX is a C library that encapsulates various SQL APIs into a single, uniform interface. Ch is an embeddable C/C interpreter for scripting, shell programming, numerical computing, 2D/3D plotting and embedded scripting.

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