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Same with people who admire vampires, and video game players looking for a plus-one.In some ways, they're all offering an alternative to services like Tinder,, OKCupid and e Harmony, which sell themselves by promising large pools of people to choose from or by offering a sophisticated matching algorithm that trawls through listings before finding potential partners.The site's tagline is even a slight wink at users: "Making Dating Great Again," an homage to Trump's campaign slogan.By May, Goss began asking friends to create profiles and test the site.He even has a business partner."We didn't expect to make it through November," said Goss, 35, who used to help coordinate production for reality TV shows like "The Bachelor," "Big Brother" and "Life Below Zero." Until now, the most harrowing challenge Goss faced was riding a snowmobile across a frozen ocean during a blizzard in Alaska.Now, he's building a site named after one of the most unpopular presidents in US history. Goss, who's married and lives in the Santa Clarita Valley of California, isn't the only entrepreneur to stumble into the world of online dating.(Facebook requires dating site advertisers to obtain permission from the company first.) Still, his site has attracted people from Europe, Africa, Australia, Russia and even Mexico. "It's very tedious." Goss attempted to contact Trump's staff, since he is using the family name without some sort of an agreement. The White House didn't respond to a request for comment.

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Now, the site is pulling in enough cash -- either by charging monthly fees for full use of the site or for individual messages -- to cover his costs and for him to reinvest in the business.

It also suggested Apple's Chinese manufacturing firms are already hiring new staff to cope with the demand, which is likely to be intense.

The rumours cannot be confirmed, because Apple keeps its plans totally secret.

Gossips have previously claimed the i Phone 8 will be a HUGE update which will feature a cool OLED infinity screen.

Of course, we can't confirm anything about the i Phone 8, so we'll all just to have to wait to see what Apple has in store for us.

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