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In 2011-2012 other events, which took place in Moscow, showed that Kadyrov’s fighters protect not only bureaucrats, but also organized crime representatives and that Chechen leader himself is always ready to vote for release of a criminal authority.In 2011, citizen of Grozny Hadjimurat Gakaev, known in criminal sphere as criminal authority Murat Bolshoy, was detained in Moscow.

The bureaucrat promised a wife of arrested businessman Andrey Novikov help to release him for 500 000$.

Ramzan Kadyrov recently declared his intention to finish his career of the head of the Chechen Republic in a short time, because the time "has gone".

While the Chechen leader openly flirts with the community, asking it not to organize any street demonstrations in his support, the Crime Russia decided to turn to a unique subject for Russian reality, created by Ramzan Kadyrov’s own hands.

For some years now they have been moving about Moscow’s avenues with any kinds of weapon and light bars on their cars.

This aggressive performance has been disturbing Moscow citizens for a long time.

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