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I wanted to look up something about this show I was watching, but I was too lazy to get up. I saw Vanessa’s phone on the table next to me, and looked over to her napping on the loveseat. I tapped on the search bar, and her recent searches scared me.

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Ronnie Radke was asked to leave the band after he was sentenced to prison in June 2008.

, the sexy female employees of the Kardashians go camping. During their trip, the Dolls meet Caroline Burt’s new boyfriend Ronnie Radke.

The 31-year-old is the heavily tattooed lead singer of the LA band Falling in Reverse. He served two and a half years in jail after failing to report to his probation officer after being indicted on battery charges.

I’ve fucked up so many times; I don’t know what made you say yes to me.” He said.

Who says you have to floss a tea length summer dress and bouncy curls to be a Southern belle? Give her all of the leather and voluminous mohawks. She is the first to say she “may not dress like a typical Southern, but there’s a traditional southern woman hidden in [her].” She (like cast mate Cameran Eubanks) is a modern Southern belle, and though Jenna hasn't had as much screen time as her other costars thus far, she's made a pretty good first impression.

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