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WUCIWUG – What you see is what you get WUF – Where are you from? Vjerujem da e se netko poteno nasmijati, ali ovo je moj problem koji me ve itekako frustrira.Over the past decade it has dropped, but not by much.In 2003, 195 972 marriages were registered, and by 2010 this figure had fallen to 180 822.

WC – Welcome WC – Who cares WCA – Who cares anyway W/E – Whatever W/END – Weekend WE – Whatever WEP – Weapon () WH5 – Who, what, when, where, why WIBNI – Wouldn’t it be nice if WDALYIC – Who died and left you in charge WDYK – What do you know? Where XMeets Y – Vagina WIIFM – What’s in it for me? YTTL – You take too long YTG – You’re the greatest YW – You’re welcome YWHNB – Yes, we have no bananas YWHOL – Yelling “woohoo” out loud YWSYLS – You win some, you lose some YYSSW – Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever Z – Zero Z Z’s – are calling (meaning going to bed/sleep) Z – Meaning “Said” Z% Zoo ZH – Sleeping Hour ZOMG – (Oh My God) ZOT – Zero tolerance ZUP – Meaning “What’s up?This news will be nothing more than stating the obvious to liberal ears, but perhaps it’s worth highlighting at a time when we are seeing gay rights put under threat throughout Africa, in some cases under the influence of – and with the aid of the wallets of – powerful American evangelical groups.Of course, in some respects South Africa remains an anomaly when it comes to gay rights: a country which made legal provision for gay marriage many years before some of its European and North American counterparts, but which still sees the right to life of gay people endangered daily.Data from 2011, interestingly, showed that while the total number of divorces fluctuated between 20, the highest divorce numbers were in 2005, just before those pesky gays ruined the institution of marriage, and the lowest divorce numbers were in 2011.The fact remains that for some time, South Africa has had among the lowest marriage rates in the world.

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