Updating ruby gems os x

Note that callbacks allow exceptions to propagate, or they will interfere with the operation of other callbacks and possibly result in an inconsistent working set state.

Callbacks should use a try/except block to ignore, log, or otherwise process any errors, especially since the code that caused the callback to be invoked is unlikely to be able to handle the errors any better than the callback itself.

Projects are assumed to have “relatively unique” names, e.g. An importable distribution whose filename unambiguously identifies its release (i.e.

A wrapper script usually doesn’t need to do anything but invoke this function with the correct arguments.If the flag is true, the next older version of the plugin is tried, until a working version is found.If false, the resolution process continues with the next plugin project name.The resolution process continues with the next project name, and no older eggs for that project are tried.If the resolution attempt fails, however, the error is added to the error dictionary.

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