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If he or she wants you to go on a special diet or take a medication, ask for more specifics.

"You're paying the doctor for his or her time," Hubbard adds, "make the most of it." While some doctors issue a sheet on which you can write your concerns, most recommend you limit your discussion to what you think the most important symptoms or problems are.

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"This will probably mean another appointment and different tests." These days doctors and patients often do not have long-standing relationships.

The patient may not know the doctor well, or this could be a first visit.

"You may not know how the doctor will react," Hubbard says.

Added to this perceived stigma is a prevailing notion that people should be healthy or they are doing something "wrong." To be less than perfect can sometimes trigger discrimination or censure, which Pfizer termed "healthism," putting it on a par with racism or sexism.

Sometimes doctors call it the "doorknob moment." The physician's hand is reaching for the doorknob to leave the examining room and the patient suddenly gathers the courage to blurt out the real reason for the visit. Another study showed that the doctor may only listen 20 seconds before interrupting you and trying to move your explanation along.

That’s why Healthgrades is proud to introduce the National Health Index.

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