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But while women also rated men in these photos as more trustworthy than in ordinary photos, the opposite was true of women: men rated women in enhanced photos as less trustworthy.One theory posits that “what is beautiful is good”, which means people tend to attribute other positive traits to attractive people.Thank you UNIVERSAL for being tremendous partners as always, thank you to all my fellow co-stars for the daily effort and grind. Natalie Emmanuel I have a cold Budweiser ready for you and Tyrese Gibson you still have the biggest smile and forehead I've ever seen.😂 And a huge THANK YOU to our hard working production crew - the backbone of our business.Your kind words meant a lot to me last night - thank you!It's also crazy to me how much me, Kev and Jack look like triplets when we're together. Details might be a bit on the scarce side right now, but we'll keep this article updated as soon as any delicious morsels of info land. #On Location #Hawaii #Jumanji #Why Walk When You Can Drive😉A post shared by therock (@therock) on Karen Gillan is also not averse to a bit of Insta-trolling, as in this slightly provocative video of her having her hair and stomach make-up done with the comment: "Being an actress is hard..." You do at least get a glimpse of the landscape, which is definitely why this video has had around 250k views already. 😂 You can see the big fake furry spider 🕷I have in my right hand that I throw on Kevin before our take.The first trailer for Before the trailers landed we contented ourselves with the updates Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart were relentlessly posting to Instagram, including this cheeky vid of Hart doing his best Rock impression. You gotta understand that when we're asked to lay down in these jungles - when you look closely on the ground - it's literally moving with all kinds of bugs, spiders and centipedes. 👊🏾💯 #On Set #Jumanji #On Location #Hawaii #Casually Laying On Centipedes A post shared by therock (@therock) on Watch @kevinhart4real jump! He's terrified of all the biting centipedes and venomous spiders in our jungle, so what does any good friend do?

*(for the record we are NOT making a reboot, but rather a continuation of the awesome JUMANJI story). #Wheels Up #Thats AWrap #From Fast And Furious #Straight Into Jumanji #Big Brown Bald Tattooed Man #Dark Chocolate Comedic Rock Star #Brillaint Crazy Curvy Caucasion #These Hashtags Are Ridiculous #INeed Sleep And CARBS #But IWill Settle For Tequila A post shared by therock (@therock) on They even got a Hawaiian priest to bless the set.

As a consequence of our biology, the theory goes, women seek loyal partners who can provide resources for them and the potential child.

Men, however, value physical attractiveness in a female because good looks (for example, facial symmetry or youthfulness) are the manifestation of healthy genes and serve as signs of fertility.

A recent paper presented at the Annual Conference of the International Communication Association and reported on in the press suggested that when evaluating photographs from online dating profiles, men and women judge enhanced and un-enhanced photos somewhat differently.

Enhanced photos, those in which a person has used makeup, hair styling, filters, or post-editing, were rated by both men and women as more being attractive.

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