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She may start a conversation, but give it a chance before you attempt to start using all of the knowledge you have related to black people.In the end, you are probably going to be more offensive than welcoming if you try to be a know-it-all about her culture and famous black people.Otherwise, you are just wasting her time and not doing yourself any favors.Making yourself look like an honest guy who is looking for a long-term relationship but really are just out to get laid hurts you and gives her a very negative impression of dating white guys.Skin color does not mean you can’t try to find common interests, talk about music and entertainment and make those connections people try to make when getting to know one another.The two of you don’t have to discuss film and famous black musicians if you aren’t interested in those things, or if you don’t know about them.They often become very energized in their attention, hinting she can do better.That she might actually enjoy dating black men better because of their ethnic background, cultural differences or simply because that’s the direction her hormones flew, is an insult to their egos.

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If you asked her out and she said yes, chances are she wants to get to know you. That will interfere with the date and your chances to impress her much faster than anyone who might have issues with an interracial relationship.

Some were but had the intelligence and courage to rise above it.

Some continue to be white women, attracted to and dating white men.

Her interests and the information she is willing to share are going to make a big difference in your attempts to connect.

Make sure you are giving her a fair chance and you’ll be more likely to get a fair chance in return.

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