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Within ten years, Batu had established himself as ruler of the western lands as Khan of the "Golden Horde". TEMUCHIN, son of YESUGAI (River Onon, Mongolia [1167]-Liupan mountains, Kansu ). He made an alliance with the Chin emperor against the Tatars and subjected the latter to Mongol rule.Between 12, he captured and subjugated all the Rurikid principalities before crossing the Carpathian mountains into Hungary. Qatchoun, le quatrime Timouk et le cinquime Bilgoutai Outdjiguine as the sons of Yessouki-Bhadour. He restored Toghrul Khan to his throne in 1197, and together they defeated the Naiman Turks in 1199.Batu led the conquest of these western lands, launched in 1236 by his uncle Khan Ogodai, and established himself as BATU Khan of the Golden Horde.

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Although these sources are late, and should more strictly be categorised as secondary sources, earlier sources were used in their compilation. Qatchoun, le quatrime Timouk et le cinquime Bilgoutai Outdjiguine as the sons of Yessouki-Bhadour . He predeceased his father, whom he was destined to succeed in the western lands, collectively designated as the White Horde, which were divided between his sons on their grandfather's death in 1227. Abul-Ghazi Bahadur records that, after the death of Kouyouk Khan (son of Ogodai, see Chapter 4), all the descendants of Jinghiz Khan agreed that the successor should be chosen from among les fils de Touli Khan, dont la veuve Sourqouqti-Bigui tait aime du peuple, which was agreed by Batou fils de Djoudji Khan.The conquerors then turned their attention to the Rus lands, the capture of Riazan in Dec 1237 being commemorated in several successive versions of the Tale of the Destruction of Riazan by Batu.The Mongols destroyed Moscow in Jan 1238, moving on to capture Suzdal and Vladimir, defeating the forces of Iurii at the battle of Sit river .As with other old and widespread cultivated plants, it is not easy to reconstruct the original distribution and determine the borders of the past natural ranges.The Mongols were one of the many nomadic tribes which inhabited the steppes of central Asia.

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