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He shouldn't be sneaking through your stuff either.It's a sign that he doesn't trust you and it's also a way for him to check up on you - basically to make sure you're not doing anything he doesn't approve of.Sometimes we don’t realize this until we get an outside perspective.I was once in a controlling relationship and I know that I didn’t realize how controlling it was until after we broke up.Your personal stuff is private and not for your BF to go through.Don't ever feel like you have to share every part of your life with him. Source: Shutter Stock A controlling guy will usually hate on everyone else in your life because he wants to be your number one, all the time.Because relationships exist on a spectrum, it can be hard to tell when a behavior crosses the line from healthy to unhealthy or even abusive.

Dealing with a controlling boyfriend isn’t easy and, unfortunately, it can turn into an abusive relationship way too easily.If your BF gets angry when you pay for something, take that as a bad sign.Source: Shutter Stock Aw, isn't it so sweet when your boyfriend wants to hang out every day and text every minute when you're not together? There's a fine line between this being cute and this being controlling. When things get more serious, it's not always as cute. Source: Shutter Stock Your boyfriend should never tell you what you can and cannot do.There's nothing wrong with letting your boyfriend pay for dinner or the movies or whatever.It gets controlling when he wants to literally pay for Like, if he starts paying for your clothes, helping with your phone bill, buying you makeup, etc.

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