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In the Mansfield Basin, these contain minor sedimentary copper occurrences.

There are four distinct episodes of granite emplacement in Victoria, namely Late Cambrian -Early Ordovician (Delamerian) in the Glenelg Zone; Early Silurian (Benambran) in the Highlands Zone; Early Devonian (Bindian) in the Grampians, Ararat-Bendigo, Highlands, and Mallacoota Zones; and Middle Devonian-Carboniferous (post Tabberabberan) in the Ararat- Bendigo, Melbourne, Howqua, and Highlands Zones.

Subsequent to the epi-Ordovician Benambran Orogeny, late Silurian crustal extension caused several rifts to open along roughly orthogonal NW and NE aligned fractures.

Within these fault-bounded depressions, thick acid volcanic sequences were deposited in close association with shallow-marine sediments.

Victoria is a major gold province which has produced nearly 2.5 × 10 kg gold.

Primary gold occurs in a number of geological settings including veins and disseminations spatially associated with mafic Cambrian volcanism, vein deposits in turbiditic sequences of central and eastern Victoria, veins associated with mafic and intermediate intrusives of Mid to Late Devonian age, and minor amounts associated with a variety of granitoids and porphyry dykes.

Data for the Delamerian granitoids are sketchy, but in the remaining groups S-type granitoids predominate with the exception of eastern Victoria, east of the Yalmy Fault (I-S line), where only I- and A-type granitoids occur.

Bimodal volcanism also occurred in the Mount Howitt Province farther east, but was followed by deposition of extensive fluviatile and lacustrine sediments (mainly mudstone, sandstone, and minor conglomerate).

Mineralization in these Upper Silurian rocks comprises polymetallic base-metal sulphide lenses and minor disseminations, at least some of which are of exhalative volcanogenic affiliation.

The Silurian rifts were obliterated and their rocks strongly deformed during the Bindian (Bowning) deformation during late Silurian to early Devonian time.

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